Powerslide ONE basic kids set

 22,00 incl. btw

Powerslide One Kids BASIC Protective Gear – Betrouwbare set beschermende uitrusting voor kinderen die van actiesporten houden.
Anatomisch ontworpen materialen van EVA-schuim.

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Everything your little ones need to stay safe and have fun while inline skating for a great price, it’s the One Kids Basic set of protective gear from POWERSLIDE. This 3-pack is an affordable and high-quality protection set that’s ideal for kids just getting into inline skating, giving them the protection they need to build confidence and learn foundational skills. The knee and elbow pads are anatomically designed and incorporate dense EVA foam materials to absorb impacts. They also have large, durable caps that protect kids from scrapes and abrasions while dispersing the force of impacts. Forward falls are common, especially for entry-level skaters just getting into inline skating. To prevent wrist injuries, POWERSLIDE includes a reliable pair of wristguards with top and bottom splints that provide complete protection still being light and comfortable. Young skaters love to roll around with their friends around the neighborhood. To ensure your kids are noticed by drivers in low-light conditions the POWERSLIDE One Kids Basic set of protective gear Includes reflective labels. This comprehensive set of protective gear is also great for other action sports like skateboarding. With the Powerslide One Basic protection set kids will enjoy and are well protected during their activities. The 3-pack of protective gear meets the EN 14120 European safety standard.